Monday, May 19, 2014

Classic Car Hire for Hindu Weddings

We have carried out many Hindu and Sikh Weddings and are familiar with some of the customs on the day.

Hindu Wedding - Groom & Cars
Baraat – Arrival of the Groom Upon the arrival of the groom he will be met by family members, a band, drums and dancing as he enters the place where the ceremony will take place.

Welcome the Baraat (The arrival of the groom and his family). The groom arrives at the wedding traditionally on a horse (but these days a luxury car), accompanied by his closest friends and family members. The large procession includes lots of singing and dancing. This signifies the groom’s and his family’s happiness in accepting the new bride

Hindu Wedding - Bride & Car
Have Milni (meeting of the bride and grooms families). The bride’s family with garlands and traditional Indian sweets welcomes the groom and his family. Milni is an important tradition where the groom’s family in honored by the bride's family.

After the wedding Ceremonies:-

The Pilucinchuanu Ceremony
Just before the departure of the wedding car from the Hindu temple, the priest will place a coconut under the front wheel of the car; this is then broken by the car as it drives over it. The significance of this in the good old days was that the breaking of the coconut was to ensure the car was safe for the newly wed couple.

The Vidai Ceremony
Takes place after the wedding ceremony and celebrations when the bride bids farewell to her parents which is very emotional and is handed over to live with her new husbands family – In the good old days the grooms family would live many miles away and she would not see her family for many months or even years.

Popular cars – Rolls Royce Phantom (White) , Bentley Flying Spur (White) 1930’s Style Beauford Tourer (White), 1930’s Style Regent Landaulette (Black/Ivory)