Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Classic Wedding Limousine will please both Bride AND Groom

Arriving in Style ... the role of the Classic Wedding Limousine is not only a means of transport but an essential contribution to the overall style of the occasion.

There are certain key ingredients that make your special day - and the ongoing memories - unique to you. These include: the dress, the cake and the car. As time passes, you turn to the photograph album to remind yourselves just how lovely that day was!

Lets face it - even if your photographer lets you down, many of your guests will be happy to forward their snaps and, as a bonus, these will often be candid glimpses of smiling faces that a professional photographer would never see.

The wedding party in their wonderful apparel will feature in almost every photograph and someone will have a picture of the cake. It's a virtual guarantee that when you arrive - and depart - in a Classic Wedding Car, there will be a host of photographers trying to capture the moments!

Choosing the Wedding Car
Bentley Arnage

Whether your preference is for a standard classic, like a Rolls Royce or Bentley, for a modern celebrity-style stretch limo, or an essentially quirky mode of transport, the perfect vehicle for your day is out there.

Looking in detail at some of your options, consider the practicalities of distance to be travelled - the further you have to go, the more luxurious the journey needs to be - the amount of room required inside the car - a small cutesy vintage Austin 10 is an open-top 2-seater with the boot converting into an occasional seat - and perhaps seasonal weather - Austin Healy Sprites or MG Roadsters should probably be avoided unless you have a Plan-B.

There are good reasons to choose a classic car with ample room and a plush interior, not least that it might be your only opportunity to experience such luxury. Such models include the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and the gorgeous, elegant Bentley S1. Bentleys and Daimlers offer a number of luxury models to choose from, including Daimler 7-seater limousines. Of course, if your preference is for a modern classic, stretch limos are often available in a variety of colours.

An elegant and practical wedding car choice that would certainly wow the guests is a Beauford. These stunning convertibles are available in 2-door and 4-door models, reminiscent of 1920s high society carriages. Another favourite is the Bentley Mark 6.

For an understated quiet entrance, hire a traditional London taxi - the Fairway 'black cab' or for the less conventional wedding party, a classic taxi could provide a memorable arrival and departure.

Choosing the Wedding Car Hire Company

It doesn't bear thinking about - a last minute panic because your car hasn't arrived. Choose a wedding car company with a good reputation for reliability and with reliable cars - its always worth finding testimonials and searching for customer reviews. A company with a fleet of beautiful cars will usually have a very good alternative if there is a last minute hitch. Many companies will be more than happy to arrange for you to see the cars 'in real life' as part of your final decision process.

The cars - and the drivers - should be well presented and make you proud! By all means, search for the best value but remember that value doesn't always equal cheap. Before you book, make sure you are aware of the terms and conditions regarding cancellations and ask for a contingency plan if there should be an unforeseen problem - whatever the answer, you should feel comfortable dealing with the selected wedding car company.

Classic Wedding Limousines, Hertfordshire, is located near to junction 25 of the M25. Chauffeured Classic Wedding Car Hire services are available within surrounding areas including North London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Our range of Classic and modern Classic Limousines includes stunning Beauford models in blue 2-door and ivory 4-door, various Bentley models in ivory, blue or silver, Daimlers, Taxis (both classic and traditional), Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and a white stretch limousine (this or one of our 7-seater Daimler limousines is perfect for transporting bridesmaids to the wedding and ferrying members of the wedding party to the reception afterwards). These cars - including classic convertible models (fantastic for photographs!) are displayed on the web site gallery page.

All cars are beautifully presented and come with a smartly dressed, experienced chauffeur (optional for photographs!)

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